About Life Link

Life Link is a specialist waste management business. Our portfolio of accreditations, permits and licenses allows us to transfer and treat a wide range of waste streams.

Waste types we can handle

We safely handle a range of waste streams; they can be classified as:

  • Clinical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste
  • Chemical and pesticide waste
  • Hazardous waste

Offsite waste treatment facilities

We offer offsite incineration or sterilization processes. Our incineration process is clean and safe as we employ the best available pollution control and abatement technologies.

Advice you can trust

Our skilled representatives are on-hand to provide knowledgeable and friendly advice on all aspects of waste management. From general information on waste segregation to on-site advice for any complex technical issues, we are here to assist you.

Unparalleled service and support

Our commitment to deliver unparalleled service includes providing continuing advice, end-user training, performance reviews and on-site waste audits. This attention to detail means that we can provide both long-term waste management and on-demand solutions, meeting your evolving needs and priorities.